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Giselle Tutus




New Collection 2019.

An enchanting exclusive creation for the ballet Harlequinade, only from Giselle Tutus.

This professional tutu has been designed by a famous ballet costumier and is suitable for any major ballet competition, like Prix de Lausanne or YAGP.

The sides of the bodice have been created with black semi-stretchy fabric, while the central section is white and features the typical Harlequin pattern with gold, blue, green and black geometrical shapes and crystals. White lace decoration also gie a more elegant look to the bodice.

There are nude elastic straps and white arm bands included.

The platter, slightly bell-shaped 10 layers tutu skirt is white. There is a Harlequin  tutu skirt, feauturing geometrical shapes as in the bodice.

An extremely professional tutu, for the most demanding ballerinas.

Custom made. Measurements in centimeters to be sent to: info@giselletutus.com after the purchase.

Delivery time: 5 to 8 weeks

Price: $ 600 + shipping


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