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Giselle Tutus

Muscle Massager "Giselle"

Muscle Massager "Giselle"


Giselle Tutus introduces the new Muscle Massager "Giselle". This tiny, lightweight massage gun will be your everyday companion to ballet or dance class.

Relieves from muscle soreness and stress, helps warming up, reduces chance of injury and helps with muscle tightness.

UVB chargeable, the battery charge lasts up to 6 hours or more.

Three different gears, and three different massage heads:

Tapered head:

Suitable for massage of painful points, with a high degree of stimulation.

Flat head:

For the relaxation and shape of large areas of all muscles.

U-type head:

Suitable for massage of the neck and spine, achilles tendon and other sensitive muscle areas.

Helps with the breakdown of lactic acid.

$ 75


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