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Giselle Tutus

Raymonda Daydreams

Raymonda Daydreams


New creation 2022.

This impressive ombre', blue stage costume, has been created for the role of Raymonda in the Daydreams scene, in Act II. It can also be used for other roles, such as Princess Florina, Corsaire, or other.

The professional bodice is made with shiny, thick blue satin, and fastens in the back with a double row of hooks and eyes. There is a nude insert in the front, and rich decoration made with silver appliques, silver pearls and crystals.

There is a small, flower shaped tutu skirt, made of the same fabric as the bodice, and decorated in silver.

The 10 layers, professional tutu skirt has been ombre' dyed. The top part of the tutu skirt is white, and the edges are blue, for a wonderful effect.

Custom made.

Measurements to be sent in centimeters to: patriciastorelli@yahoo.com

$ 790

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