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Giselle Tutus

Ombre Gamzatti Costume

Ombre Gamzatti Costume


An impressive oriental costume for the role of Gamzatti in La Bayadere. This two piece stage costume consists of a short top with short sleeves, and matching pants, plus a headpiece attached to a veil.

The color of this costume is obtained with the ombre technique, and ranges from bright red to black.

The short top is red, with black lace inserts, black lace short sleeves and very rich decoration with gold applqiues and trims, and crystals of different colors.

The puffy Oriental pants are red on the top part, and black from the knee downwards. They feature a wide waist belt with rich gold decoration and hanging jewels. There is a black and red long veil that can be optionally used. The veil includes a beautiful gold headpiece.

Custom made.

Estimated delivery time: 5 to 6 weeks

Price: $ 480 + shipping


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