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Giselle Tutus

Pale Lilac Fairy

Pale Lilac Fairy


Professional, exclusive ombre' dyed tutu for he role o the Lilac Fairy.

This unique stage costume features a lilac, hand dyed brocade bodice, with gradient tones of lilac. Nude insert, hooks and eyes closure, and rich decoration with gold pearls and appliques, and lilac flowers. Mesh, hand dye long sleeves decorated in gold.

The ten layers, professional tutu skirt is bell-shaped, and also hand dyed with gradient tones of lilac, fading to white. 

The tutu skirt is also embroidered with silver trims, gold appliques, lilac crystals and flowers.

The top layer of the tutu skirt is made with glittery tulle.

Custom made.

Delivery Time: 5 to 7 weeks.

$ 850

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